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Dalecoin chat group is a decentralized chat economy where token holders have access to join any educational and profitable group chats created. There are different groups in the chat DApp. Token holders can join any depending on interests.

For the noobs who want to learn about crypto trading and investing there is a group dedicated for that, there is also frebbies/Giveaway group and host of many other groups to join.

1.) Learn Cryptotrading and investing group
2.) Bounties group
3.) Freebies and Giveaway group
4.) Channel to access Crypto How to video tutorials
and many other groups and channels that will be useful to the community.

To register and join ensure to have a Dapp browser such as metamask wallet plugin for chrome desktop browser and if you are a mobile user download TRUST WALLET from google playstore or apple store or any DApp Mobile browser of your choice.

NOTE: Users need few Dalecoins in their wallets to access channels and groups in the DApp. Users dont spend tokens but  need it to gain access only.

To get more information about Dalecoin Click here
Dalecoin Contract Address on Etherscan

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